Wiarton Sandpipers Meetings

The Wiarton Sandpipers meeting place is downstairs in the St. Johns United Church

528 Berford St. Wiarton.

They meet on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 a.m.

All are welcome to come and join in.

The convener is Linda Ibester (519-379-3609)

About / History

In 2008, Recreation Director Marsha Fishleigh moved to Wiarton and began to search for a senior’s group for her mother to attend. While Gateway offered a day away program and the local Legion offered a senior dance on Wednesday, it was a social group with women of the same age that Marsha thought Margaret Templemen would most enjoy. th

Marsha attended a meeting of the Bruce Peninsula Seniors Connect and following that, decided to form a senior’s group at St. John’s United Church. With the help of John Stewart and Judy Halladay, this group formed with founding members: Norma Bell, Beryl Everett, Shirley Ferguson, Marsha Fishleigh, Art Haley, Judy Halladay, Grace Hepburn, Audrey Lane, Carol Marshall, Edna MacKinnon, Floss Miller, Olive Moulden, Betty Nelson, John Stewart, Margaret Templeman and Joyce Whicher. Most were members of St. John United Church.

The group then decided to start their own seniors group called Wiarton Drop in Center. The second year saw a few more residents join the group including Bob & Lou Nuttall, Margaret Tuck and Bonnie White.

In cooperation with Seniors Connect, Marsha wrote and successfully applied for two grants. The first, “Computers for Seniors” saw 100 refurbished government computers provided free to seniors, with lessons on connecting to the information highway. A second grant provided a small transportation bus for Wiarton and Sauble Beach seniors.

Sandpiper’s President Marilyn Bowman was a member of the “bus committee” with Marsha. Realizing that her time in Wiarton was limited, and wanting to see the seniors group continue, she approached Ms. Bowman late in 2009 asking if the Wiarton group could join the Sauble Sandpipers. The Sandpiper executive readily agreed and the Wiarton Sandpipers were born.

The Wiarton Sandpipers meet Wednesdays at 10:00 am from September to June at St. John’s United Church in Wiarton. The Sauble Club makes an annual contribution to the Church for providing meeting space for the group. Each month, two club members take turns getting guest speakers and arranging activities for their members. They have taken several interesting trips – including a trip to Ottawa, Owen Sound Retirement Home, and Grey Roots Museum and had some fascinating guest speakers. In 2014, the Wiarton group continues to grow with 27 members.

Wiarton members enjoy having Sauble as their sister group so members can attend programs provided in Sauble like “Soups On”, “Quilting”, the annual BBQ and many more. All Sandpipers pay a small ‘user fee’ to participate in activities. The Wiarton Treasurer collects and turns over Wiarton’s ‘user fees’ and that helps Sauble with our annual contribution to the Church.

In recognition that the Sandpipers has a much wider membership than Sauble, an annual donation is made toward School Breakfast Programs at Hepworth Central Public School, Peninsula Shores District School in Wiarton and Amabel Sauble Elementary School

Compiled by Marsha Fishleigh and Joan Wilson.