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We have been touched by the notes that recipients have sent:

Hello Ladies,

Many of you know that we had been asked for a comfort quilt for a 13 year old student at Hillcrest School in Owen Sound who is suffering from brain cancer. Thanks to those of you who helped by supplying material, cutting, sewing, clipping and washing the quilt so that it could be finished quickly. ....and we thought it was completed.

What you do not know is that 2 hours after Maureen delivered the finished quilt to me, I received a phone call telling me that Brian Warrilow (the Owner of Garb and Gear, Source for Sport across from Metro in Owen Sound) would embroider a crest of the Owen Sound Attack on one of the squares free of charge. He had received permission from the Attack to print the crest. ...Fantastic idea....however, it meant taking a section of the quilt apart, removing one of our squares and inserting the embroidered one. Since Jesse played "rep" hockey on one of the Junior Attack teams before he became ill, having this crest on his quilt would mean the would to him.

Jesse received his quilt this morning. He tries to attend school Monday mornings before his mom picks him up to drive to London for the week's treatment. He is now receiving radiation which will be followed by chemotherapy.

Jesse loved his quilt. Even his classmates were commenting how nice and cozy it would be. (Something for a bunch of grade 8 students!)

Below is a picture of Jesse and his quilt with the Owen Sound Attack and the Detroit Red Wing crests. (I made an error with the size of the Detroit crests . They were smaller than I thought, but I think it worked out well.

This picture and write up is posted on the Hillcrest School facebook page. There is also a gofundme page if anyone wishes to read his story in more depth.

Thanks you for your work. So many of us have grandchildren or other family members around Jesse's age, it's difficult to imagine anyone going through this.


Owen Sound Hillcrest Elementary School

Thank you to the Sauble Sandpipers for making this beautiful quilt for our Jesse Walker who is undergoing chemo and radiation treatment right now. Also thanks to Owen Sound Garb and Gear/ Source for Sports and the Owen Sound Attack for their donations. Jesse is a big Attack fan as well as a Detroit Red Wings fan. We hope this quilt will remind him of all the people supporting him with this fight! #JESSESTRONG

"Every time I'm using my quilt I will think of everyone that put love and thought into it. I know I have never met you, but you will always be in my heart."

"Thank you for the wonderful head coverings that your organization has provided to the Oncology Department at the Owen Sound Hospital. It was a very pleasant surprise to me to learn these items were available - free of charge - to individuals like myself."

"The thoughtfulness of your group to the needs of others is certainly appreciated."

"Your thoughtfulness is appreciated more than I can say. This is a wonderful gift."

"I want to thank you for the wonderful comfort quilt that you gave me. It has warmed my body and my spirit."

"Thank you for making this journey a little easier."

"I wear the sleep caps daily and give thanks every day for them. The rag quilt is so 'happy looking'. At my next chemo, it's sure to brighten my room."

"Thank you to all the Sandpipers who make the turbans etc. That is the first thing patients are made aware of in the darn Oncology Department - keep bringing smiles to our faces."

"Your thoughtfulness has made a difference..."

"It's great to know there are sympathetic and generous people out there, thinking about us and donating time and money to make it easier for those of us with cancer..."

"I am telling all my friends about the generous, thoughtful gifts I received from the Sauble Sandpipers. It meant so much to me..."

The quilt is so lovely and soft that in this period of waiting and uncertainty, I am finding that it cheers me..."

"I want you to know that we sure appreciate all your organization has done for us..."

"Thank you for making all those cover caps for the Oncology clinic in Owen Sound. They are nice to have..."

"Thank you so much for the beautiful comfort quilt. I can't believe the amount of work your group put into such a warm and beautiful quilt..."

"I could not believe my eyes when I opened the beautiful bag and found this beautiful, happy quilt with my own name on it..."

"Thank you for giving of your time and caring to make these caps for the cancer patients. I wear them proudly..."

"You do fine work. I have chosen 4 "hats" for myself. Keep up the good work..."

"Thank you for the Comfort Quilt. Special thanks to the ladies who put the quilt together. Every time I use it throughout my treatment, I will be thinking of your thoughtfulness..."