Do you want to get a bit of exercise but not exert yourself just too much? Would you like to get out with some people and have a few laughs? Shuffleboard is the game for you. It is fun and something that people of all ages can participate in. We have people from in their 50's to in their 80's who enjoy this indoor sport at the Community Center.

Let me tell you a bit about the concept of the game, which was derived from the table game of Shuffleboard and, has some similarities to the game of Curling.

A team is comprised of two people, one at each end of the court with an opponent along side. Each person is manned with a long stick, which is called a cue, and, the aim of the game is to use the cue to shoot the discs to the other end of the court; hopefully into a counting space in the "house" at the other end. With strategy you can knock your opponent's discs out of the house or if you are really feeling nasty, into what is called the "kitchen" whereby the opponents have to take 10 off of their score. Your opponents will aim to do the same to you.

The game does not require strenuous exercise such as bending and stretching; a good aim is what is most important. No experience is necessary; it is easy on your body and fun game to play.

All the Players are very friendly and, will be most happy to teach you the finer elements of the game.

Why don't you be daring one of these wintery afternoons and come and join us?

We play 3 games of shuffleboard on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 1:00 - 3:00 o'clock. . The cost is  $1.00 for Sandpipers and $2.00 for non-members.

If you would like additional information please give one of the conveners a call.

Hope we see you "on the courts"!

Bette Mortley


Dee & Ed Renaud